The Savory Chef / Grillmeister

The Savory Chef will be selling high quality kitchen utensils and gadgets in the online marketplace.  Our first product will be a set of 8 Kitchen Tools.  Please check out the product at

In the future we are planning a brand named Grillmeister.  This is an exciting new brand whose aim will be to sell fun and high quality grilling utensils for the Grillmeister or King of the Grill!  We will be Grillen’ and Chillen’!

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Fit Over 50

Fit Over 50 will primarily promote a healthy lifestyle and include eating, exercise and fitness tips for those over 50 years of age.  Content will be spread across a primary website and several social media sites.  In the future we will include a component to sell quality fitness and sports equipment.  More to come later.

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Oliver Wiggle Bottoms

Oliver Wiggle Bottoms will be a very exciting brand that will focus on bringing a children’s book series to life and later include pet related products.  We are very excited about this brand are looking forward to what it brings.  Please stay tuned!

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The Extraordinary Products Experience

Our goal is to provide quality products and services into the marketplace.  We’ll primarily be focused on offering kitchen utensils and other kitchen items for sale in the beginning, followed shortly there after by our Fit-Over-50 brand, and very very soon after that our Daisy The Doodle brand will launch.  Finally in the spring/summer of 2018 our fun new Grillmeister brand will hit the marketplace.

All of our services, books, gadgets, tips will strive to fill a need in the marketplace and we will be doing everything in our power to fill that need with quality durable products and more.

Extraordinary Products will be run with Honesty, Integrity and  100% money back guarantee.  We promise you will love our products or you get your money back, no questions asked.  Although if you do have an issue, we would love your feedback so we can improve our products for the future.


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